Squishy and Squishies

Squishy  and  Squishies
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Cute Mochi Squishy Cat - Free shipping
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Very cute mini squishy mochi cats that come in two colours. They are among our best seller collection. Children love to own these cute toys and to collect them. They are so cute that you will love them always. These mochi are very fluffy and adorable to play with.

Are you looking for a fun and interactive toy to spend a great day playing and laughing? then try our range of squishies. They have been chosen carefully depending on our customer's feedback and comments about how much they liked the products. Our squishies have been created to provided fun times and unforgettable experiences with the great feeling of squeezing them and seeing them get back to their original position. They work great for pretending play, and for fun times with the little ones.

Most customers have found squishies to be relaxing and to work wonders as stress relievers, and we have found this benefits too (specially on busy days). They can be squeezed and you can pinch their bellies because they are fluffy and soft. These little mochis squishies are very cute and like to move around a lot. They can be easily picked with sticks. They look very cute on a plate or anywhere you decide to leave them, specially if you have the whole collection together.

Have a go at our products and get the experience of playing with a great toy that will bring you joy and happiness immediately. Bornsquishy stands for customer satisfaction and happiness, and we are constantly researching the market to find out about the hottest and best seller toys of the season.

We stand for happiness, and that's what we look to offer our customers, with great and fun times!

Get these lovely cats and start collecting your lovely squishy mochi mini, because they are the best compliment for a box filled with cute interactive toys.

All our products come with no hazel returns of 15 days. If you feel your squishy doesn't fulfil the intended purpose feel free to contact us and we will arrange your refund.

We have been selling squishies for a long time now, and know our customer needs. That's why you will get a good quality product from a serious company.

Also enjoy our promotion of everything FREE shipping! We like to save you some money so you can even buy more toys if you wish. You will like your cute toys, and get to enjoy the amazing world of the squishy toys.

Note: we do not recommend them for small children for the risk of choking hazard.

Source: https://www.bornsquishy.com/products/cute-mochi-squishy-cat-free-shipping


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